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RF Balun Transformer

YB3F-617DB and YB3F-617PT series RF Balun transformers specification /upload/files/Spec of Balun transformers 1667.pdf

P/N: YB4F-617PS-1660  RF Balun transformer Specification download  /upload/files/YB4F-617PS-1660.pdf

P/N: YB4F-617PS-1661  RF Balun transformer Specification download  /upload/files/YB4F-617PS-1661.pdf

P/N: YB4F-617PS-1662 RF Balun transformer specification download   /upload/files/YB4F-617PS-1662.pdf

P/N: YB4F-617PS-1663 RF Balun transformer specification download   /upload/files/YB4F-617PS-1663.pdf

P/N:  YB5F-336-DT0038 RF Balun transformer specification download  /upload/files/YB5F-336-DT0038.pdf

P/N:  YB5F-458PT-0502 RF Balun transformer specification download  /upload/files/YB5F-458PT-0502.pdf

P/N:  YB5F-SC60440002S RF Balun transformer specification download  /upload/files/YB5F-SC60440002S.pdf

P/N:  YB7F-0404-900 RF Balun transformer  /upload/files/YB7F-0404-900.pdf

RF Balun transformer's Catalogue /upload/files/RF 5S,5SL Balun transformer series.pdf

RF Common mode chokes /upload/files/CM09-10 surface mount common mode chokes.pdf

 Please keep in mind that we make all types of RF Balun transformers,inductors and other series PCB mount transformers with over 20 years experience,and we custom design them. 

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