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author: transformers R&D dep [ 2013-07-27 20:41:45 ]

Since the custom designed inductors and transformersc  over thousand types,such as SMD power inductors ,Drum core inductors,choke coils,line filters,3.2VA toroidal transformer for a big National Drift Machine company,since then,our toroidal transformers has been made for over 30 countries customers ,include 3.2VA for China,6VA for Denmark,10VA for America,11VA for America audio customers,45VA for Norway guitar customers.50VA for Brazil.250VA for Vietnam loudspeaker customer,500VA for Thailand,600VA for Israel,900VA for South Korea,1500VA for India,1600VA for Germany,2000VA for Japan,3000VA for America,5000VA for France,8765VA for Israel LED control customers etc.


PCB mount encapsulated transformers are more and more being interested by worldwide customers,especailly designed for some university doctors to support their projects.Switching power transformers,LED lighting transformers are very popular.


We have set up a brand for China inductors and transformers industry,we have owned two commercial sign,they are  Magpow and  Global Craftsman,we will try to design more and more nice inductors and transformers for worldwide customers.


Finally best wishes to you and Welcome come to China . 

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